SCARBOROUGH, Maine — For the second time in three years, voters in Scarborough rejected a school budget.

4,230 Scarborough residents cast their ballots. The budget failed by about 600 votes.

It would have increased spending by $718,000, or 3.4 percent, in the coming year and would’ve increased taxes.

Of those more than 4,200 votes that were cast, 57 percent of them voted against the budget.

Currently, Scarborough’s school budget is $39.8 million.

School revenues are down by 17 percent, primarily due to a $1.4 million loss in state funding and $5 million in previous years.

Voters also approved the municipal referendum Tuesday.

It authorized the town to issue $700,000 in bonds to fund the replacement of the fuel station and move it as required by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

In 2015, voters rejected the school budget twice before finally passing a spending plan with 61 percent of the vote.

Town and school officials will now have to work on another budget and the town will have to hold another school referendum.