Comey an honest man

On Friday morning, I listened to the open testimony of fired FBI Director James Comey. At one point in the discussion, the subject of how truthful he was in his testimony and how that related to his past record of being an accurate and reliable witness to the truth, was raised. He appears to be a man who is forthright and honest.

Then I compared that with the record of President Donald Trump, who has a well-documented history of telling distortions and falsehoods. Now Trump says he is willing to tell his version under oath.

As to believing what Trump says, I am reminded of the story about this old farmer who was asked whether he would trust his neighbor. The farmer says, “Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a liar, but I’ve heard tell that when he wants his cows to come in from pasture, he has to get somebody else to call them.”

Good luck to Special Counsel Robert Mueller as he goes forward with the Russia investigation.

Al Larson


Focus on Comey leak ill-placed

Sen. Susan Collins’ chief reaction to former Republican FBI Director James Comey’s bombshell testimony was to harp on Comey’s legal release of memos documenting his interactions with President Donald Trump to the press.

We are facing an unprecedented attack by foreign agents on our elections and the what appears to be clear intentional interference in an FBI investigation relating to Russia. There is no longer any doubt that, left unconstrained, Trump would operate as a dictator. In what world do you focus on the supposed inappropriateness of the leak that everyone agrees was done because of a legitimate fear of a cover up?

That’s like complaining that a fire truck coming to put out a fire in your house took a right on red. Maybe after all is said and done, after thanking the firefighters, you ask them to review the protocol for driving through intersections in emergencies when children are riding bikes in the area. But you sure don’t harangue them on the way into your flaming house.

Andrew Schmidt


Ranked-choice voting save democracy

I urge you to ask your legislators to vote against repealing ranked-choice voting. Instead, they should vote for a simple amendment to the Maine Constitution in support of the will of the people.

Ranked-choice voting passed with the second largest “yes” vote for any referendum in state history. Since then, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court issued an opinion that found the law in conflict with the Constitution’s plurality provision for general elections for state offices. The problem could be fixed by LD 1624, an amendment to the Constitution sponsored by eight state senators and a representative, all Democrats. Sen. Angus King has has come out in support of a statewide vote on the amendment, saying, “My fundamental concern is not making worse this kind of distrust of government and politics and politicians.”

When I was canvassing for ranked-choice voting, most people I spoke with were in favor of the initiative because it could convince candidates in three-way races to run a clean campaign, in order to get second choice votes, and they get to vote for their first choice, rather than for the lesser of evils, sending an important message. Ranked-choice voting gives us the chance to have a more representative government and could lead the way to help save our democracy.

Nancy Glassman


Support ranked-choice voting

As we here in Maine are well aware, a minority of voters can win the day when the electorate is faced with choosing among three or more candidates. We have seen this in the last two gubernatorial races, and the “spoiler” boogeyman was even raised in our most recent — and most disastrous — presidential election. The people of Maine, in their wisdom, passed ranked-choice voting in November in order to avoid future repeats of these events.

Now our elected representatives in Augusta are trying to kill this bid for democracy. Do not let them do it. Call your state senator and representative today and tell them to vote to uphold the will of the Maine people and support ranked-choice voting.

It is the right thing for the voters of Maine.

Betsy Garrold