AUBURN, Maine — The Lotus restaurant in Auburn is temporarily closed because of cockroach complaints.

“I can’t believe this happened,” Bryan Conover, a patron of the Lotus, said.

City records show and owner Jim Wu confirms that within the last year there have been a few complaints of the insects in the building.

Wu said he filed the first complaint in November, when a shipment of food came in that was infested with cockroaches.

He said that’s where the problem began, and he has been working with the city to fix the ongoing problem ever since.

“It is very, very important that this is addressed and this is addressed correctly,” he said.

Complaints filed this week and a meeting with city health and code officials prompted Wu to close.

He took to Facebook apologizing to his customers. He said addressing the problem was the smartest thing he could do for the safety and respect of his patrons.

“We consider them not just our customers but our friends and family,” he said.

Customers we spoke with said they enjoyed the food.

“I loved it. Can’t really describe anything more than that it was great,” Conover said.

Cleaning crews were brought in to scour the entire place.

“We’re not saving anything,” Wu said. “We want to make sure this is done right.”

Wu said he plans on buying everything brand new, and protocols will be changing and enforced.

“We recently bought another refrigerator unit, so everything is going to be checked and opened up before it enters the building, and we are making sure nothing like that ever enters the building again,” he said.

The Lotus will most likely reopen Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Wu said he lost about $20,000 in product.