Verizon representatives told the York Board of Selectmen on July 24 they are looking into spotty reception with a handful of parking kiosks and cell phones on Long Beach Avenue and hope to bring a solution before the board at its next meeting.

Parking kiosks around the Sun and Surf Restaurant do not always have consistent connectivity with the Verizon tower at the former police station. Verizon had stated from the beginning that the tower would provide reception up and down Long Beach Avenue. Selectmen invited representatives of the wireless company to Monday’s meeting to discuss the issue.

Karen Cardillo, CEO of parking kiosk manufacturer Hectronic, said four or five kiosks have “spotty communications” with the Verizon modem. “We can see where the signal and communications strength is spotty,” she said.

For the month of July, Cardillo said 22,799 tickets were processed, with 12,513 of those being credit cards. “Those are pretty robust numbers,” she said. “We would like to see that up quite a bit higher to meet your goals. Otherwise, we think the kiosks seem to be stable, except for this modem issue with communications.”

Cardillo said the necessary information has been shared with Verizon “and they are going to take it from there.”

Verizon representatives said buildings in the area are causing obstructions with coverage. They are looking at modifications to the tower that could improve coverage.

“There are obstructions and it’s tough for us to predict,” said Kevin Mosher, design engineer for Verizon. “Those buildings do play a part in reducing the signal there.”

Members of the Board of Selectmen expressed frustration with the connectivity issues.

“You didn’t do any testing before you put this tower up,” asked Selectman Mike Estes. “You’re telling us the houses are too high so our meters won’t work. That’s amazing and I can’t believe it.”

Selectman Dawn Sevigny-Watson said the issue extends beyond four or five kiosks to the connectivity of hand-held cellphones.