Fans of Banded Horn Brewing Co. have more than a few new beers to look forward to this summer.

Hot off last year’s expansion, which saw added space for brewing and canning, the Biddeford microbrewery is adding onto its signature tasting room, located in the Pepperell Mill Campus on the Saco River.

Ian McConnell, a brewer at the company, said this year’s expansion is meant to bring the new and existing spaces together in a more cohesive way.

“The aesthetic is so unique, I wanted to be some sort of unveiling and presentation.” McConnell said of the new, yet-to-be-seen tasting space. “Our (current) tasting room was never designed and released.”

McConnell said, since the beloved brewery opened in the 200-year-old building in 2013, business has grown steadily. As business has grown, employees have continued designing the current brew tasting room, adding pinball and other gaming machines, in addition to table tennis.

“We slowly and slowly just kept adding components, and as our business has been growing, the tasting room business has been growing proportionately,” he said Friday.

With business booming, McConnell said he feels the time is right to build onto the existing space.

“We figured it was time,” he said.

The expansion will feature enhanced lighting, “with much more thought-out decor and fixtures,” McConnell said, and with more communal seating, both low and high tables and more gaming space.

Down the road, McConnell said, employees will construct a shuffleboard table.

“The plan is to have a nook for video games. and to keep up with the arcade games and the pinball,” he said.

McConnell said the brewery hopes to expand its food program, as well, offering more substantial snacks and featuring local restaurants and food trucks as pop-up showcases.

McConnell said he and the rest of the Banded Horn staff are excited to unveil the new tasting space. A “soft” opening will be held Wednesday, Aug. 16, with a grand opening event held Friday, Aug. 18.

“It’s completely designed now, and it’s conceived and designed by us and built with reclaimed materials from the mill that were going to be thrown out,” McConnell said. “My hope is that it just offers a really unique and progressively-fun experience. It’s a little whimsical.”

But that’s not all Banded Horn has in the works.

The crew is brewing a new batch of its popular Wheat ‘n’ Potatoes beer, due out next Saturday, and they’re crafting a number of small-batch beers due throughout the rest of the season. One of them, Not If We Jam It, is a fruity combination between Maine Juice Company and Bradbury Mountain Berry Farm, and features orange juice and fresh raspberries.

The latter beer should be ready by Aug. 18, McConnell said, in time for the tasting room unveiling. The brewery is also hosting its Oktoberfest party Sept. 23, and will begin to brew beer for that in the coming weeks.