Horseback riders may soon be required to put manure containment bags on their horses when they take them on the beach, if a proposed ordinance amendment passes in Old Orchard Beach.

The town is considering the requirement following a decision made by the Scarborough Town Council earlier this month.

The towns of Scarborough and Old Orchard Beach work in conjunction in regulating horse riding on the beach, as the two town beaches are connected. Horses are allowed on the beach in both towns from Oct. 1 through March 31. Riders must display a permit, which can be purchased for $20 in either Scarborough or Old Orchard Beach and is valid for the entire riding season in both towns.

Currently, town ordinance requires horse riders or owners to dispose of horse waste while on the beach, but it does not require horses wear manure containment bags.

Failure to clean up after a horse could result in a fine of $50 or more.

The Scarborough Town Council unanimously voted on Sept. 6 that horses on the beach must use manure containment bags.

Old Orchard Beach is considering changing its ordinance to conform with the Scarborough ordinance.

Those who wish to weigh in on the proposed ordinance amendment can do so at a public hearing at tonight’s Town Council meeting, which begins at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall.

The Old Orchard Beach Town Council will vote whether to approve the amendment at a later date.