The Sea Bags Women’s Sailing Team emerged as the fastest among the all-women’s division at the recent J/24 World Championships held in Mississauga, Ontario.

The Maine-based team claimed the Jager Women’s Trophy for its efforts at the competition, which brought together sailors from all over the world for a series of 10 races over five days.

“Our goal was to be the top women’s team and to reach that goal felt surreal,” said Erica Beck Spencer, skipper of the Sea Bags women’s sailing team, in a release.

This represents the first time Sea Bags has sent an all-women’s team to a World Championship competition on this scale. Team members include Jess Harris, Charlotte Kinkade and Katie Drake.

“They have worked so hard individually and together to win the Jager Women’s Trophy,” said Beth Shissler, President and COO at Sea Bags.

The Sea Bags finished 39th overall among the 63 teams that competed in the World Championships.

“We started off the event as the top team, but that is almost harder than coming from behind, as the other women’s teams were steadily getting better as the week went on,” said Spencer.

Sea Bags has a long history of supporting sailing regattas and sailing teams, including the 2016 Atlantic Cup, 2015 J/24 World Championships, 2009 J/24 Nationals, 2013 J/24 North Americans, the Offshore New England Championships and the 2007 Horton/Nichol Olympic Campaign.