Terry Pfaff, left, chief of staff, New Hampshire House of Representatives, inspects a book found in a vault at the Statehouse, Monday, Nov. 27, 2017, in Concord, N.H. Beside him is House Speaker Shawn Jasper, right. The vault, which had been locked for decades in a room that once served as the state treasury in the 1800s, is now assigned to the Senate Finance Committee. Credit: Holly Ramer | AP

Civil War bonds and old advertising posters are among the long-forgotten artifacts found in a mysterious vault at the New Hampshire Statehouse.

The 6-by-10-foot space is at the top of a narrow spiral staircase in a room that served as the state treasury in the 1800s and later as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Today, it’s assigned to the Senate Finance Committee.

A locksmith recently opened the vault, and state officials gathered to go through it on Monday.

Officials originally thought the vault had been locked since the 1950s, but boxes of financial documents from the 1970s were among the items found.

Senate President Chuck Morse didn’t attend, but played a bit of a joke on House Speaker Shawn Jasper by having a photo of himself slipped into the vault.

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