The Rockland Fish Pier. Credit: Stephen Betts

The man who was found dead inside of a storage container on the Rockland Fish Pier last month died of carbon monoxide poisoning, authorities said.

Adam Purington, 37, of Gardiner, was found dead on Nov. 18 inside of a container used to store bait and other items used on the fish pier. He died from carbon monoxide poisoning, The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner said this week, ruling the death as accidental.

A forklift had been running in the container where Purington was found around 7 a.m. on Nov. 18, according to a report from the Courier Gazette, which police believed at the time was turned on to provide heat.

Purington, who worked in the Rockland area as a commercial fishermen, had been known to use the container as a place to sleep, but also stayed in local hotels, police said. He worked on a commercial fishing boat that uses the Rockland Fish Pier.

The U.S. Army veteran had been working as a commercial fisherman for the last 10 years, according to his obituary. He graduated from Gardiner High School in 1999.

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