Wealthy deserve bigger tax cuts

My wife and I are not wealthy. We live on our teachers retirement plus a little Social Security. I lose 60 percent of my Social Security because of the politics here in Maine. We both work part time to keep up.

Please explain to me why it is not fair for the people who pay the highest taxes to get more back from the new tax law than those of us that pay lower taxes? The class warfare perpetuated by liberal news outlets like the BDN makes no sense to me. If a person pays $20,000 in taxes, they would get more back than someone who pays $2,000 in taxes. To me that is just common sense.

That is not a matter of class disparity; it is a matter of simple math and common sense.

Bob Mercer

Temperature in rebellion

An usual and different kind of circular-shaped phenomenon has occurred on Lake Michigan. Circular ice sheets have appeared along the coastline of Chicago. What could this mean? How could this be?

The common answer to these ice creations is that they are formed when sections of ice collide, their edges becoming rounded and raised. The result of the contact is ice rounded into the shape of pancakes or lily pads. They often meld together to form a sheet of ice pancakes, which is what appears to have happened off the Chicago shoreline.

Could global warming be the real cause for these lily pad ice creations? Could global warming be responsible for these below zero temperatures that we’ve seen in much of the United States? I don’t think these below freezing temperatures got the memorandum about global warming.

It’s possible that these frigid temperatures are in rebellion. Quick, better get the mainstream media networks on this. It’s time for the mainstream media to attack these frigid temperatures like they do President Donald Trump. It’s time for them to quell the rebellion of these frigid temperatures. One might say, it’s time for the mainstream media to turn the heat up on these frigid temperatures with their global warming rhetoric.

The mainstream media used to specialize in journalism, but now they specialize in promoting the global elitist and liberal agenda. Global warming is being used as a tool by the global elitists to promote their agenda.

Michael Imhof

Entitlements in congressional crosshairs

Some of you may have read the recent article about House Speaker Paul Ryan’s next quest. Now that the Republicans have added $1.4 trillion to an already ballooning debt, he is seeking to reduce entitlements with sights set on reducing the budget deficit. Entitlements cover Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, government sponsored scholarships, and so on. So, if they have their way, many of us that depend on government support — got to get something for our tax dollar — will find ourselves behind the eight ball.

The recent tax bill just showed how much these supposed representatives listen to the voters when they pass a tax bill that was out of favor by two-thirds of the voters. Now that they have rammed this bill down our throats, they want us to pay for their unbelievably poor financial judgment. I hope the midterm election shows Republicans just where they sit in our minds — and I’m an independent, thankfully.

Richard Barclay

Who persuaded Collins?

Lance Dutson’s Dec. 26 BDN column, “The Real Dark Money in Maine Politics,” is a superb example of the vice it excoriates. If this piece by Dutson, a party hack, is not “earned media,” what is?

Taking Dutson’s thesis that politics is the art of persuasion, it is well known that pain and fear are the greatest persuaders. And it is amply evident these have been brought to bear against Sen. Susan Collins and her better judgment. Those outside the echo chamber suspect that someone got to her. And, what is worse, GOP insiders may know just how and who.

Public revulsion to this tax bill is real and will be felt in 2018. Realignment will come from both sides of the aisle. And pseudo-center-right hacks like Dutson and many others like him will be called to account, and will disappear into the swamps from where they emerged.

Kevin Sheasgreen

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