Anthony Scaramucci dismissed some details from a bombshell book about the Trump presidency, arguing the commander in chief has “the best emotional intelligence.”

The onetime White House communications director also slammed comments longtime rival Steve Bannon made in “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

“It’s unclear what is true, honestly, and what isn’t true,” Scaramucci said Thursday on ABC News’ “Good Morning America.” “People are saying things, it gets printed. It goes into a book like that or goes on to a website that’s a tawdry website.”

Excerpts of the book, which comes out next week, were released Wednesday.

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Scaramucci denied a key claim in the book: Trump didn’t actually want to win the election.

“Certainly we all had great uncertainty in the campaign and the tightness of polling, but nobody wanted to win more than the president of the United States, and frankly, nobody worked harder,” Scaramucci said later Thursday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“For someone to say he didn’t think he was going to win, or that he was going to win by losing, I sort of think that’s a bunch of nonsense,” he continued.

Bannon, speaking with author Michael Wolff in the explosive tome, said a June 2016 meeting Donald Trump Jr. hosted at the family’s eponymous tower with a Russian lawyer was “treasonous,” sparking the president to denounce his once trusted aide.

“The treasonous comment is absolutely ridiculous,” Scaramucci told “GMA.” “There’s nobody less treasonous than Don Jr.”

Scaramucci also called the president’s oldest son one of the most honest people he knows.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, economic czar Gary Cohn, national security adviser H.R. McMaster and other high-ranking officials also made disparaging remarks about the president’s intelligence, the book alleges.

“I don’t think any one of those people thinks that the president is an idiot, dumb or dope,” Scaramucci said on “GMA.”

The focus of his ire, however, was Bannon, who Scaramucci has regularly trashed since being fired as communications director in July after 11 days on the job.

Trump also slammed Bannon in a lengthy statement Wednesday after the right-wing strategist’s comments in the book came out. Bannon “lost his mind” after he was nudged out of the White House in August, Trump said.

Scaramucci said Trump’s bombastic denunciation showed he possessed “the best emotional intelligence in terms of sizing and reading people.”

Trump previously heaped praise on Bannon, who headed the final months of his campaign.

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