Brody Elahmar, 16, takes a class at Sanford Regional Technical Center and recorded a video of what seems to be a teacher making comments that Sanford school officials later called "inappropriate." Credit: Courtesy CBS 13

The Sanford school district is investigating an incident between a student and substitute teacher.

It was all caught on camera, the teacher can seemingly be heard telling the student that he will be kicked out of the country because of his Lebanese family.

Student Brody Elahmar, 16, said he started recording his substitute teacher after she made comments he found offensive.

“I’m like, it’s crazy. I did not see this coming one bit,” Elahmar said.

Elahmar was born in the United States, but spent 10 years in his father’s native country of Lebanon.

He’s a student at Noble High School in North Berwick, but takes an additional business class at Sanford Regional Technical Center.

He said he was talking about an upcoming trip to Lebanon, when the substitute teacher interrupted.

The substitute teacher, who CBS 13 is not identifying, could not be reached for comment.

Sanford Superintendent of Schools David Theoharides told CBS 13: “Those statements are not condoned by our school department and are inappropriate.”

He also said that the school department is in the process of investigating the incident.

“I never, like, stand up or like do anything, but it just got way too out of hand,” Elahmar said. “I knew something had to be done.”

In a second video, Elahmar confronts the teacher, telling her he was recording their previous conversation. She can be heard saying it was all a joke.

Elahmar says he shared the video to send a message, that comments like the ones she made are unacceptable.

“Everyone just needs to know that this is not just an OK subject, and people can’t be just walking around making jokes like that, and everyone thinking it’s a normal thing nowadays,” Elahmar said.

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