This image shows the interior of Sky Lodge in Moose River, a 7,500-square-foot hunting lodge built in 1929 and donated recently to Unity College. Credit: Unity College

MOOSE RIVER, Maine — A foundation is donating a historic hunting lodge near the Canadian border to a college in Maine.

Unity College says the 7,500-square-foot Sky Lodge and more than 150 acres are donations from the Couri Foundation. The college says the facility includes 16 buildings and is located in tiny Moose River, north of Jackman.

The lodge was built in 1929 as a getaway for an executive from Port Chester, New York, and bought and renamed by a pair of World War II airmen in the 1940s. The college says the main lodge has been restored to its original state over the past 10 years.

Unity College president Melik Peter Khoury says the college will “steward this historic property.” Unity students will use the lodge for retreats, workshops and research.

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