A man serving a two-year sexual assault sentence was found dead Sunday at the Maine State Prison in Warren.

Gregory E. Leeman, 57, was serving a three-year sentence for assault on an officer, a sentence that began Oct. 20, 2015, and a 10-year sentence for gross sexual assault, which began May 26, 2005. The latter sentence had all but two years suspended and four years of probation, according to the Maine Department of Corrections.

Leeman was convicted of assault after striking a female caseworker in the head with a padlock tied around an electronics cord in 2012. The prisoner had walked into the woman’s office where he committed the assault, a prosecutor said in 2013.

The padlock and cord were traced back to belonging to Leeman.

Leeman’s death occurred at 6:35 a.m. The cause of death was not immediately announced. Maine State Police and state medical examiner were notified, per protocol. The investigation is ongoing.

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