Politicians sow discord

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once asked, “where do we go from here, chaos or community?” It’s a great question for America today. Unfortunately, our political leaders today decided we should descend into chaos and ideological discord. Instead, we need more politicians to lead us to community and conscientious.

Steven Roth

Swans Island

Trump tearing American apart

I think it’s an incontrovertible fact that America is the strongest nation on the planet when we stand together as a nation. But there’s the rub: It’s only when we stand together.

Since our adversaries (Russia) have not been able to overwhelm us militarily, politically or otherwise, a new strategy is emerging: sowing the seeds of dissension. That strategy, while extremely subtle and nuanced, is now alive and well and beginning to take effect. Indeed, in my 80-plus years of life, I have never seen this country so torn, and I now feel President Donald Trump is directly responsible.

All the pundits are more or less in agreement that Trump is a loose canon, a veritable train wreck, because nothing he does makes any sense. When you put his actions in the context of being a Putin stooge, however, everything he does makes perfect sense. When you consider that Trump’s border-wall storm and his anti-caravan bombast and his activation of the National Guard are all actions taken to create dissension, it all makes sense.

How so? Well, I would call what Trump is doing an explicit act of evil genius (ergo Vladimir Putin). When you consider the fact that 18 percent of this country’s population is ethnic Hispanic, going after the Honduran caravan and the DACA group makes perfect sense by way of alienating Hispanics and sowing a cancerous dissension that will eventually metastasize and bring us down.

Phil Tobin


Stop degrading Bangor’s waterfront

As we are all aware, Bangor has a significant older population. We enjoy the opportunity to savor the outdoors in areas that the city provides for recreating, enjoying friends in pleasant natural surroundings. The city, in its efforts to attract all age groups, has destroyed locations that we have very much enjoyed over the years and never replaced.

Take, for example, the beautiful park, expanse of lawn, fountain and band stand on Main Street, where my wife and I used to go on a summer evening to join with friends and listen to the Bangor Band play. This entire area was displaced by the Cross Insurance Center. The city “promised” to re-erect the bandstand someplace else. It never happened. The excuse was that the bandstand was in disrepair and couldn’t be salvaged. Another sacrifice to bring in more revenue from the entertainment faction.

Now the promoter of the Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion has submitted a proposal to the city council to erect a grand edifice on the waterfront. This, it appears, will all but destroy the beautiful riverside promenade that so many enjoy in order to garner additional bucks from an expanded concert crowd. Please stop this further destruction of what few natural and beautiful areas we have left to us.

Bill Shook


Fulford for Congress

Jonathan Fulford is running for the Democratic nomination for the 2nd Congressional District. He is not asking to go to Washington, D.C., to hobnob with mega fundraisers and corporate fat cats.

He is not the darling of the establishment, anointed for success before all contenders have made their views known. He has said “no thanks” to corporate political action funds and dark money, making him beholden only to the people of Maine.

Here is what you really need to know. A farmer, builder, small-business owner, parent and grandfather, Fulford is a candidate committed to making a positive difference for Maine’s future. His campaign is centered on three areas that should be of great concern to rural Mainers.

Climate change. We can create good-paying, meaningful jobs by meeting the challenges of climate change.

Universal, single-payer health care. This can save our rural hospitals, support good-paying jobs and provide much-needed help to those suffering from addiction.

Economic fairness. Working Mainers deserve a livable minimum wage and a fair tax code that doesn’t favor the wealthy and large corporations.

At a time when loud voices, questionable ethics and hyperbole are all too common, Fulford presents measured, thoughtful proposals in a calm and civil manner.

If you are one of those pesky constituents frustrated by our current inaccessible and unresponsive congressman, Fulford’s honest, engaging approach is a breath of fresh air. Please consider sending him to represent us from the 2nd District.

Gail Maynard