Cote for governor

I recently had the opportunity to speak directly with Maine voters who shared with me their most significant concerns. While many issues were voiced, the common thread I found to link them was the lack of a thorough education from childhood into adulthood.

A healthy populace is one well schooled, inspiring and helping children to thrive early on, and then continuing that training within their chosen fields continually and in an affordable way. How many Mainers are falling through the cracks? They could be our next teachers, caretakers and leaders, but do not have access to an affordable education. Maine needs a leader whose ethics and concerns align with our residents.

Adam Cote, a Democrat running for governor, has years of experience serving on the Sanford school board, working to rebuild and improve both the high school and vocational school. He served his community through the disastrous elimination of revenue sharing put forth by our state’s chief executive. He has seen the challenges of providing a quality education on a shoestring budget, and met that challenge head on.

I am confident that a Cote administration will address Maine’s needs most directly and efficiently. His leadership and training, both abroad in the Maine National Guard and at home in Sanford, make him best suited to lead our state. I urge you to look into his campaign and consider voting for Cote in the June 12 primary election.

Courtney Schaff


Shameful flip on solar bill

Even though I am not a constituent of Reps. Stacey Guerin, Matthew Harrington, Jeff Pierce, Matthew Pouliot and Abden Simmons, I cannot stay silent in the face of such blatant hypocrisy and cowardice. I hope their flip from initially supporting LD 1444, the solar bill, with a supposed “veto-proof” majority to upholding the anti-solar governor’s veto will be remembered by voters in their districts. Come November they should find themselves out of a job.

This was a modest solar bill that would stop the Maine Public Utilities Commission’s blatant attempt to discourage solar power by allowing utilities to charge fees to producers. I thought Republicans were against taxes and for creating good-paying jobs? Apparently not when common-sense renewable energy policy runs counter to maintaining dependence on fossil fuels.

Despite what their obscenely rich climate change denying friends like the Kochs, Adelsons and Mercers tell them, it is very much real and caused by burning fossil fuels. Solar is one tool we have to help fix it, but politicians like them keep getting in the way of actual progress. By delaying action, they are jeopardizing our future and our kids future for the sake of the fossil fuel industry and their profits. How do you people sleep at night?

Here’s to taking back our government come November, where the people show them the door out.

Jason Langley


Isgro not a victim

Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro and Fox television personality Laura Ingraham are not victims. They are adults in positions of power who chose to cyberbully a teenager who recently experienced the slaughter of his schoolmates.

The actions of Ingraham and Isgro demonstrate extraordinarily poor judgment and a lack of personal integrity. I would not trust an adult who would choose to bully a grieving teen managing my finances or editing my news.

Martin O’Connell


Gagnon’s hypocritical defense

I don’t agree with Matt Gagnon about much — frankly, almost nothing — so that I don’t now is not surprising. His recent column pleading for “civility” for Waterville’s embattled mayor, Nick Isgro, would have been correct (I also do not believe in the politics of personal destruction in general) had it not been so blatantly hypocritical.

The mayor made a “personal choice” (conservative buzzwords No. 1) to go on record with a nasty attack upon someone with whom he disagreed; his employer reportedly made a decision to let him go based on his perception of the effect it had on the business’ share of the “free market” (conservative buzzwords No. 2); and now Isgro must bear the “consequences” (conservative buzzword No. 3) of that poor decision. My guess is had he not doubled down on the “fake news” shield so many right-wingers hide behind these days and put through a genuine apology, it would have blown over and he would still have a position.

Igro brought this on himself by both his initial and follow-up conduct, and he has no one to blame for his situation right now but himself. Maybe we should be talking about civil personal behavior in the public sphere and not making excuses for those who don’t take accountability for it.

Lisa Keenan

South Portland

Quality care at VA

In these days of scandals at Veterans Administration facilities and discouragement with hospital care, I have had different experiences. Both my aging parents went to Saint Joseph’s Hospital and had exceptional care. The whole medical staff was professional, sensitive, and caring.

My father went to our Bangor VA home and my family was so surprised and pleased. The caregivers there were outstanding. Their professionalism and sensitivity was nothing short of amazing.

Darryl Anderson

Saint Albans

Collins supports clean energy

Sen. Susan Collins has long been an advocate for American energy innovation. She demonstrated her commitment once again by ensuring that important research and development programs were included in the recent FY18 omnibus bill passed by Congress.

Although the final budget is far from perfect, it does invest in key initiatives at the U.S. Department of Energy, especially the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Among the energy priorities covered are grid modernization and cyber security. Research activities will also advance clean energy technologies like solar energy and hydropower, which have consistently proven to be cost-effective and deliver significant returns on investment over the long term.

Maine is currently New England’s largest producer of renewable energy, so it stands to benefit more than other states when federal dollars are dedicated to such efforts. I thank Collins for her leadership and her vote on this budget, and I commend her unwavering support for clean energy throughout her career.

Heather Reams

Managing Director

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

Washington, D.C.