Game Wardens Josh Polland and Kyle Franklin, along with members of the Greenville and Monson fire departments, conduct a carry-out off the Appalachian Trail on the morning of July 5. The 21-year-old female hiker dealing with nausea near the Wilson Valley Lean-to received medical treatment at the scene and she was taken to C.A. Dean Memorial Hospital in Greenville for evaluation. Credit: Maine Warden Service

A hiker who was rescued out from the Appalachian Trail two weeks ago after falling ill was carried out again Tuesday after another bout of sickness.

In both cases, the woman was carried out by the Maine Warden Service, according to a report in the Sun Journal. She was rescued July 5 east of Greenville and then again on Tuesday from Saddleback Mountain in Franklin County, the report indicated.

According to the report, the North Carolina woman was carried out Tuesday afternoon to an ambulance in Madrid Township and then taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington. Members of local emergency response agencies, search and rescue services, Maine Forest Service and civilian through-hikers assisted.

In a July 5 post on its Facebook page, the warden service said the 21-year-old woman contacted the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Department to say she was hiking south near the Wilson Valley Lean-to and feeling nauseous.

Four Maine game wardens, members of the Greenville and Monson fire departments in Greenville and emergency medical staff from Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital in Greenville. She was provided medical treatment at the scene before being carried out in a litter and then by an all-terrain vehicle and then brought to the hospital for evaluation.

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