Max Granfield and Stephen Skinner are walking from Iowa to Maine, and say they have met "pretty nice people" along the way. They are covering about 25 miles per day and expect to reach Portland in less than a week. Credit: @IowatoMaine photo courtesy of CBS 13

Two men are taking a long walk from Iowa to Portland, Maine, and they expect to be in Maine in less than a week.

Max Granfield and Stephen Skinner have been on the road for months.

Granfield said they are carrying everything they need to survive on their backs, including food, water, and a tent for shelter.

Granfield said many people have helped them along the way.

“It’s made me more patriotic than I already was. It goes beyond even words like constitution and democracy and freedom. I really do value those things, but there’s something in the character of the people, like I think Americans, generally, are just pretty nice people, and there is some real, real value in that,” Granfield said.

The adventurers said they travel about 25 miles a day.

As for what they plan to do when they arrive in Portland, they say they want to eat a good bowl of clam chowder.

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