Mike Smith, (left) executive chef at Scales on Maine Wharf in Portland, sprinkles ingredients into a dish during the dinner rush on during this BDN file photo.

If you’re a lobster in the Gulf of Maine, your best defense against predators might be to look pretty.

For the second time in less than a week, a strikingly colored lobster otherwise destined to be someone’s dinner at a Maine restaurant was released back into the Atlantic Ocean.

Portland restaurant Scales posted on Instagram and Facebook Wednesday that the establishment got a rare “cotton candy” lobster — sort of a light pinkish blue — in its tank over the weekend, and that Chef Travis Olson took her out on his rowboat and set her free.

[Rare white lobster caught in the Gulf of Maine]

The restaurant described the odds of finding a lobster with that coloring as 1 in 100 million, although researchers have said odds like those are just educated guesses.

Scales’ cotton candy lobster was at least the second crustacean in recent days to win freedom from a restaurant because of his or her colors. A blue lobster, thought to be about a 1-in-2 million rarity, was let loose by a Pepperrell Cove fry cook on Kittery Point after diners called for his release on Facebook.

We had a “cotton candy” lobster in our tank over the weekend! They are extremely rare! (About 1 in 100 million!) Chef…

Posted by Scales Restaurant on Wednesday, 8 August 2018

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