David Sorensen and Jessica Corbett at the Blaine House, the Maine governor's residence, on Thanksgiving Day in 2015. Credit: Jessica Corbett | The Washington Post

David Sorensen’s ex-wife has countersued the former aide to Gov. Paul LePage and speechwriter for President Donald Trump, saying she will prove in court that her abuse allegations are true.

Sorensen, 33, of Barnstable, Massachusetts, in April sued Jessica Corbett, 32, of Portland in Massachusetts Superior Court seeking $4 million in a defamation lawsuit. Sorensen filed the complaint himself but has since hired an attorney.

He claims he was forced to resign his job at the White House after she told the Washington Post in a February interview that Sorensen had physically abused her during their three-year marriage, which ended in October 2017. Sorensen also claimed that Corbett “never made accusations of domestic violence to the court during the couple’s divorce proceedings.”

Corbett, who has worked in Maine as a political consultant for Republicans, is seeking an unspecified amount in compensatory, punitive and emotional damages as well as attorney’s fees. Her attorney, Bernard Kubetz of Bangor, filed an answer to Sorensen’s complaint and the counterclaim last week.

Kubetz said Monday in an email that Sorensen’s claims are false.

“Astonishingly, in the face of Ms. Corbett accurate report of the physical and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband, Mr. Sorensen took to the airwaves and print media to attack his former wife and filed a defamation lawsuit against her in Massachusetts, where he now lives,” Kubetz said.

The attorney, who has previously represented the Bangor Daily News, also said that public officials in Maine were expected to be called as witnesses in the case in support of Corbett.

“We anticipate a number of Maine office holders and key staffers with knowledge of the couple’s marriage issues will be called as witnesses in the lawsuit,” Kubetz said. “In anticipation of their testimony and to protect Ms. Corbett’s interests, we are taking steps to ensure that those individuals preserve relevant communications and other documents.”

Sorensen’s attorney, Tracey Taylor of Barnstable, Massachusetts, was out of her office and unable to comment Monday on the counterclaim.

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