King prioritizes environment

I support Angus King for U.S. Senate. One reason is that during his time as a senator, King has worked to fight climate change and the expansion of the oil and gas industries.

I am very concerned about the Trump administration’s proposal this past January to open the Atlantic coast of the United States to offshore drilling. Offshore drilling in the Atlantic would not only contribute to climate change, but also endanger Maine’s marine wildlife and our lucrative coastal economy.

I support King because of his strong environmental record and my belief that he will work to stop offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean.

We need more senators who will prioritize the environment and the many people who depend on coastal economies over the interests of a small number of oil and gas companies.

Sarah Starman


Vote for Golden

I urge Mainers to vote for Jared Golden on Nov. 6. A Democrat, running for the 2nd Congressional District seat, Golden currently represents Lewiston in the Maine Legislature. A Mainer, born and bred, Golden joined the Marines after 9/11 and served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Golden knows Mainers’ biggest concern is health care. He supports the gradual expansion of Medicare to cover all, regardless of age (Medicare for all). He supports a woman’s right to choose, sensible gun laws, and worker protections.

Golden’s opponent, Bruce Poliquin, is a Trump puppet. He voted to destroy the Affordable Care Act and voted in support of the GOP tax cut, which has enriched the wealthiest CEOs and biggest corporations. Poliquin is against a woman’s right to choose.

End the Republican stranglehold in Washington. Vote for Golden for your rights, your future.

Susan Covino Buell

Southwest Harbor

Andrews for Maine Senate

Sue Mackey Andrews is running for state Senate District 4 from the town that I was born in, Dover-Foxcroft. She is offering her personal sacrifice to get to know the needs and concerns of people across her district. She understands the importance of good, fair, and affordable healthcare. She knows that if we are going to attract young families back to Piscataquis County, we must have an inspiring system of education from universal pre-K to great technical schools.

She understands that if entrepreneurs are going to start their businesses here, we must have high-speed internet and good cellular coverage. She knows firsthand that we need to have a plan for our elderly population to make sure that they have dignified aging in place and have access to and transportation to quality healthcare and nourishment. And Andrews knows that the protections of our natural resources is one of our most competitive advantages.

Rural Maine’s future can be bright if we focus on electing people like Andrews who have vision and the courage to get big ideas turned into action.

Lucas St. Clair


Support for Herbig

A few years ago, I listened to Erin Herbig give the keynote speech at a Belfast Area High School graduation. She told her own story of growing up in Belfast, attending BAHS, moving out of state for college and early jobs then coming back to work here in Maine, jump into public service and raise a family. She spoke to the seniors and their parents, providing helpful words and a message that resonated with many: “You can do this too.”

Herbig has not forgotten that access to a good education has significantly shaped her own life. And she has taken the time to mentor young people along the way including our daughter.

Herbig has continued her tenure in leadership of the Maine House of Representatives and repeatedly demonstrated her commitment to quality education for students and thoughtful economic development for our towns. Now, with her eye on these goals, Herbig has plans to help increase education and job opportunities right here in Waldo County including: student debt relief, high-speed internet expansion, a local community college center, apprenticeship programs and strengthening partnerships between educational centers and employers. Herbig has the energy, passion and vision to make a real difference for all of us in Waldo County.

This is one reason my family and I are supporting Herbig for the Maine Senate. For all our children’s sake, please vote for this remarkable woman in November.

Evelyn deFrees


Poliquin saves jobs

Last November, Rep. Bruce Poliquin made an impassioned plea to save Maine jobs in front of the International Trade Commission in Washington D.C. He did so on behalf of hundreds of Maine loggers, truckers and wood workers at Columbia Forest Products hardwood veneer plant in Presque Isle.

In no nonsense “up in the county” Maine fashion, Poliquin educated commissioners on the illegal tactics the Chinese government and the Chinese hardwood plywood manufacturing industry have employed to dump cheap, highly subsidized hardwood panels into the U.S. market since the early 2000s.

Thankfully, the trade commission voted unanimously in support of the U.S. hardwood veneer and plywood industry and imposed tough enforcement penalties on illegally dumped Chinese hardwood panels.

Politicians like to “talk the walk” regarding having the backs of U.S. workers quite liberally. Poliquin “walked the talk” last November when he stood up to China for Maine workers and he and his staff continue to be on the lookout for other unscrupulous Chinese trade activities today.

On behalf of Columbia Forest Products employee owners in Presque Isle and our many trading partners in Maine, a heartfelt thank you to Poliquin for making a meaningful difference for Maine workers.

Gary Gillespie

Executive vice president

Columbia Forest Products

Newport, Vermont

Golden supports education

Jared Golden, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Maine’s 2nd District, identified keys to providing kids with quality educations: “Teachers deserve better pay and benefits.” As a Lewiston teacher 30 years ago, I earned more as an educator than I could in other pursuits. However, relative to peers with similar educations, teachers are now much worse off.

In 1994, public-school teachers made only 2 percent less than college graduates in other fields. By 2015, the gap increased to 17 percent. The Trump administration proposed more than $3 billion in federal education cuts. Teachers shouldn’t be spending personal money to buy school supplies or working three jobs to make ends meet.

Golden will reward teachers for hard work. He knows with better pay and benefits, teachers will spend more time preparing lesson plans, writing test questions and correcting papers. Golden will help teachers provide kids with a brighter future.

James Moore