A Greene man's property, where people reportedly began taking things after a phony advertisement said he was giving things away. Credit: CBS 13

GREENE, Maine — The district attorney says he’s confident police will track down the person who posted a bogus Craigslist ad that led to a man’s property being looted in Maine.

The hoax advertisement promised free items up for grabs at a Greene, Maine, property whose owner was away in Florida. George Stanley said the stolen items included lawn mowers, tree trimmers, generators, solar lights, roofing materials and even landscaping plants.

[People loot Greene man’s property after fake ad says his stuff is free for the taking]

Androscoggin County District Attorney Andrew Robinson tells the Sun Journal that he doesn’t think the perpetrator will get away with it, even if he or she placed the ad at an internet cafe or library.

He said that if the thefts top $10,000 in value then the person who placed the phony Craigslist ad could be charged with a felony.

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