Bowdoin College

BRUNSWICK, Maine — Eight Bowdoin College students were charged with alcohol-related offenses off-campus overnight Friday.

A Friday night party at the corner of Harpswell Road and Bowker Street drew the most charges after police were called for a loud music complaint, Brunswick police Cmdr. Thomas Garrepy said.

Brandon Lopez, 21, of Amesbury, Massachusetts, and Benjamin Osterholtz, 21, of Amherst, New Hampshire, were charged with allowing a minor to consume liquor.

Danielle Marquez, 19, of Long Beach, California, Samantha Roy, 20, of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and Joshua Haensly, 20, who is from Colorado but listed Smith Union as his address, were charged with possession of alcohol by a minor.

Earlier that night, Nicholas Z. Day, 20, of Princeton, New Jersey, was charged with consuming liquor.

Just before 11 p.m., police encountered a group of students at the corner of Maine and Columbia streets, two of them allegedly holding cans of beer.

Jackson Lester, 19, of Savannah, Georgia, and Audrey Grandpierre, 19, of Atlanta, Georgia, were issued summonses for possession of alcohol by a minor, according to Garrepy.

Garrepy said police ran an undercover detail on Maine Street near the college several weeks ago and issued “a couple” of summonses for illegal possession of alcohol, but he said officers handed out more warnings that citations.

Bowdoin College spokesman Doug Cook said Tuesday that the students will face potential disciplinary action from the college as well as the legal system.

“Bowdoin holds its students responsible for its actions both on and off campus,” Cook said. “The police are doing their jobs enforcing the law. The college has processes in place to deal with these violations internally as well. We do a lot of education around these issues including meeting with students at the beginning of the year to remind them of the college’s expectations and of Maine law.”

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