A tractor-trailer rolled onto its side Tuesday on Route 17 in Rockport, spilling fuel near Grassy Pond, which serves as one of two water supplies for the Camden-Rockland area. Credit: Courtesy of Rockport Police Department

ROCKPORT, Maine — A tractor-trailer rolled onto its side on Route 17 Tuesday morning, spilling diesel fuel near Grassy Pond, one of two water supply sources for the Camden-Rockland area.

Officials from the Maine Water Company — the public water utility that manages the water supply for the area — said there is “no risk” to the water being supplied through the system.

“There will be no impact on water quality or service to customers,” Maine Water Company President Richard Knowlton said Tuesday in a written statement.

Mirror Lake, located just up Route 17 from Grassy Pond, is the primary source of water for several communities in the Camden-Rockland area, with Grassy Pond serving as a secondary reservoir.

Knowlton said water is not currently being withdrawn from Grassy Pond and that response efforts to prevent any fuel spill from reaching the pond “appear successful.” He said all necessary water testing will be done before the water supply from Grassy Pond is activated.

“Mirror Lake is not impacted in any way and is able to meet all customer demands,” Knowlton said.

The crash occurred shortly before 8 a.m. Tuesday, according to Rockport Police Chief Randy Gagne. The tractor-trailer, which was carrying food products, rolled onto its side next to Grassy Pond as it was traveling west on Route 17 toward Augusta.

The truck’s driver, the sole occupant, was taken to Pen Bay Medical Center after the crash. Gagne did not know the man’s condition, but said he did not need to be extracted from the cab of the truck and was able to talk with officers at the scene.

The crash is still under investigation, Gagne said, but it looks like the rear wheels may have slipped on the side of the roadway and pulled the rest of the truck off the road.

A portion of Route 17, near the Rockport-Hope line, was closed until about 12:30 p.m., so the truck could be righted and the fuel spill addressed. Officials from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and firefighters from Rockport and Hope were at the scene of the crash.