Poliquin should concede

I urge Bruce Poliquin, as others have done and are doing, to acknowledge, concede and understand that, regardless of the results of the “recount” he wishes to have conducted, most of his fellow Maine citizens in the 2nd Congressional District do not want him to represent them anymore. Perhaps had he represented them in ways most would have approved of while he was in office he would have been re-elected. But he wasn’t.

No shame in that. But I ask that he just go home now.

Scott Milliken

East Blue Hill

RCV means goodbye GOP

If ranked-choice voting, which is being tested in Maine, is found to be constitutional it will burn through America leaving the Republican Party and our two-party system in its ashes. I doubt the crafters of the Constitution thought that the candidate with the most first-place votes is less worthy of an elected position than a candidate put in that position just because they were someone’s second choice.

The thought of a scheme that was found popular in the left-leaning Portland area, which is in the 1st Congressional District, can disqualify the candidate with the most votes in the 2nd Congressional District is disturbing and immoral.

The end game for ranked-choice voting is to go around the Electoral College and put all the power of our nation in the left-leaning cities.

While we are saying goodbye to the Republican Party and our two-party system we can say goodbye to our Constitution that provides guarantees of our freedoms.

I feel sorry for Rep. Bruce Poliquin who is not only fighting for his political future and the constituents he has always willingly served, but also for the survival of our way of life.

Andy McGlinn

Presque Isle

Trump lies

Recently, as a guest at a fellow Republican’s home, the subject of the president came up. “They say the president lies. Just tell me one thing he’s lied about.” He interrupted me about four examples into my litany: “Yeah, yeah, but don’t you think he’s just putting those things out?” So, are untruths said for effect or sarcasm, lies? Well, they aren’t the truth.

I appreciated Dana Milbank’s column in the Nov. 23 BDN and fellow journalists who continue to remind us that a president who speaks without regard for the truth is not healthy for democracy. It is important that we do not begin to accept this form of communication as “just putting things out.”

John Wilson


Rabbits as pets

The Nov. 20 article about rabbits was very outdated. It had old, inaccurate information that sounded like it was written in the 1980s.

A rabbit can live 12 to 15 years. They should not be kept in a cage their entire life. Most rabbits can live free roam in a home if you rabbit-proof properly. At the very least, they should live in an exercise pen.

Rabbits are not good pets for children. Most do not like to be picked up or held. They have very fragile skeletons and a child dropping a rabbit can paralyze or kill it.

Spaying and neutering is recommended for a pet rabbit. It helps their temperment, prevents pregnancy, prevents cancers and unwanted behavior. Also a neutered rabbit can develop a close bond and friendship with another neutered rabbit.

Owning a pet rabbit can be very expensive. Spay/neuter can be $100 to $400. I’ve spent $100 to $600 on vet visits.

The article did not even mention feeding a rabbit hay, which should be about 80 percent of their diet. Lettuce does not cause gas, although iceberg is not recommended.

This article was very disappointing to me and perpetuates old-time beliefs that rabbits are just a little animal to stick in a cage and ignore, which is not fair to such an intelligent, sweet animal.

Jayne Pride