Knox County Courthouse.

Three people accused of trafficking cocaine were arrested by the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency following a traffic stop in Rockland.

Jennifer Marriner, 39, of Rockland was charged with two counts each of drug trafficking and violating conditions of release. Ashley Robinson, 32, of Cushing was charged with one count of drug trafficking. Michael Salmons, 30, of Quincy, Massachusetts, was arrested on one charge of drug trafficking and one charge of conspiracy to commit drug traffickings, according to court documents.

The arrests occurred Monday in Rockland following a month-long investigation by the MDEA into a tip from a confidential informant that Marriner allegedly was helping to traffick drugs in Knox County.

Marriner allegedly was working with three unidentified men, who were suspected of distributing crack cocaine, heroin and fentanyl for the past several months in the area while staying at a cabin in Warren, according to an affidavit filed in Knox County District Court by MDEA agent Max King.

Through their investigation, drug agents identified one of the men to be Salmons, according to court documents.

After having the informant conduct two controlled drug buys from Marriner over the last month, drug agents decided to conduct a traffic stop on Monday after allegedly witnessing Robinson and Marriner stopping at a store in Rockland. Marriner was on bail conditions for a previous charge of drug trafficking, King stated in the affidavit, which allowed police to stop and search her for scheduled drugs at any time.

Rockland police officers stopped the vehicle after it left the store. After searching the vehicle, police found baggies containing crack cocaine and New Hampshire court documents pertaining to Salmons, according to the affidavit.

Both Robinson and Marriner were transported to Knox County Jail. After interviewing Marriner, police were informed that Salmons, who was known by another alias, might be at a residence on Lisle Street.

When police arrived, Salmons allegedly tried to escape through a back window. After being arrested, police also allegedly found cocaine where Salmons was sitting in the police cruiser.

Salmons told police that he was from Boston, homeless and addicted to heroin, according to the affidavit.

Robinson was released on bail following her arrest. Marriner and Salmons appeared in court Wednesday where a judge set bail at $5,000 for Salmons and $2,000 for Marriner, according to court documents.