Poliquin self serving

If anyone in the 2nd Congressional District wondered how important their community, their state, was to Rep. Bruce Poliquin, his pursuit of a legal remedy to his election loss should make clear his order of priorities. It is not about what is correct for us; it is about what preserves his position of power and the monies that flow in to support his financial well being.

I applaud the people of the 2nd District for voting legally for change. Well done, state of Maine.

Sydney Duck


No more dead animal photos

I am not a hunter. However, I am not against hunting, nor against hunters, nor against stories in the BDN about hunting successes. I do protest the prevalence of dead animal photos that accompany hunting stories. Two such photos appeared on the front page of the Outdoors section in recent days. That’s enough photo bloodshed for a season.

Please use just words. Let the hunters post photos on social media.

Les Myers

Old Town

Expand ranked-choice voting

What is it about governing with the consent of a majority of voters that some Republicans find upsetting?

There are many ways to change election law to assure that majority consent will be required. Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana require a run-off between the two top vote getters when none receive a majority in the general election. Often, the turnout of votes for the runoff is much lower than the general election. California has eliminated party primaries and instead holds open primaries where all candidates vie for the first two spots because only the two top primary vote getters go on to the general election.

Maine voters, by large majorities, have twice chosen to follow countries like Australia by adopting ranked-choice voting. Among the advantages of ranked-choice voting is the fact that the election with the greatest turnout of voters is the one that will elect the women and men who will lead us.

Frankly, I think this is good.

Any party or politician who plots a path to power that requires a suppression of voter turnout or one that splits the vote so that they can win with less than majority support demonstrates little faith in democracy.

The newly elected governor and state House and Senate should move to amend the Maine Constitution to require a majority vote in all state elections.

Michael Grunko

Chebeague Island

No offshore drilling

My family’s summers are always spent by the water, regardless of the weather. Our day is spent swimming, kayaking and boating. We fly fish until the sun eventually sets and sit by a fire pit and watch the fish hop to feed on the bugs flying just above the water.

The idea that those days could be taken away and replaced with oil-filled waters, with few fish and few signs of life, is just heartbreaking. A future where the once beautiful landscape filled with all different critters is now suffocating under waves of oil, and the once clean beaches are filled with filth, is not something we can allow.

The federal government’s proposal to open our waters to offshore drilling must be stopped. We need Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to stand up for Maine’s environment by opposing offshore drilling in the entire Atlantic Ocean.

Emily Dionne