Wells police and firefighters rescued a cat from a tree on Monday because the feline was too scared to climb down. Credit: Wells Police Department

A Wells cat will start the New Year on a good paw when it’s reunited with its humans after police and firefighters rescued the feline from a tree on Monday.

The small black cat reportedly had been stuck in a tree for a couple days because it was too scared to climb down, according to the Wells Police Department.

Firefighters used a ladder truck to reach the cat, and a video of the rescue shows the cat meowing loudly in distress as a firefighter attempted to give the feline a hand. Once the firefighter had the cat in hand, both were returned safely to the ground.

Credit: Wells Police Department

The cat, which was microchipped, was taken to the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Wells police said.

Stephanie Kelley, marketing associate with the Animal Welfare Society, told the Journal Tribune that the owners have been located and will reunited with their cat later this week.

Animal lovers celebrated the happy ending after a video of the rescue was posted to the Wells Police Department’s Facebook page.

“AWWWWWEE, Best of the best…as a kitty lover, thank you,” Shirley Marie Howard wrote.

“You guys are the best!! Thank you for doing that!” Traci Anello wrote.

“Bravo! Above and beyond serving the community!” Herb Henry wrote.

“Poor sweet baby! Thank you for rescuing that beautiful muffin,” Shannon Haugh wrote.

“Thank you for protecting the human and animal kingdom,” Beth Mossworth wrote.