Credit: Amy Allen | Bangor Metro

Canned dilly beans, pasta, rice, a mountain of half-used baking ingredients. Tubs of flour and sugar. It was all there, all crammed in, all accessible but not. The disorganization made me dread opening that important cabinet filled with food.

Then I decided to do something about it.

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Setting the time for 15 minutes, I grabbed our kitchen stool, took everything out of the cabinet, evaluated it and tossed the expired or otherwise unusable items. By the time the timer beeped, the cabinet was clean, organized and far more usable. I knew where everything was. Nothing was toppling over. And the mountain had been replaced with neat, organized rows.

That was 15 minutes so well spent.

It was freeing. It was satisfying. It was far overdue.

My inspiration came from a story in this issue by Katie Smith, in which she shared how this method — tackling one small area for a limited time — had changed her life. I totally understand.

A few days later, I took a similar approach in my bedroom, clearing out some lingering stuff that had collected in a corner. Then I moved a storage unit into my room — it had been my daughter’s but she needed a larger one for her craft supplies — and used it to organize my bags, purses and makeup.

What a difference organization makes. I urge you to read Katie’s story and try it too. This is a method that works for me.

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