Comic knows Down East

I am disappointed that the Bangor Daily News no longer will publish the comic strip, “Non Sequitur.” The strip often depicts the Down East environment and people in a humorous, yet iconic way. If Wiley isn’t a Down Easter, he certainly knows them.

John Langerak


Crazy to oppose NECEC

Our Canadian neighbors to the north want to sell surplus hydropower through Maine to Massachusetts.

Credit former Gov. Paul LePage for doing the groundwork and Gov. Janet Mills for supporting the transmission line through Maine.

Imagine: a winter heat source, rechargeable car stations, ridding the atmosphere of climate changing emissions and creating new business opportunities. Man, you must be crazy to want things to stay the way they are.

Russell Vesecky


Living in a fantasy world

With the recent tragedy in New Zealand, Hollywood elitists approved of the recent enactment of stricter gun control in that country. This from a group of writers, directors and actors that spend their lives in a fantasy world.

Think about it for a moment: They create, produce or work in a world of false reality, created for the consumption of others, often involving extreme violence.

Most often they are living behind walled estates for protection, oh sorry, privacy. Undoubtedly with some type of security. Yet, they acclaim loudly the removal of defense available to others.

Certainly the tragedies need to stop; innocent people need not fear to go about their everyday lives.

Removal of the right to own a firearm is not the answer. Better education and training has made great leaps in a number of other areas, so perhaps some effort should be directed to gun education and training.

A person without the right and means to defend themselves will soon be conquered. Or perhaps this is the idea.

Alvin McDonald


Time for renewable power

Gov. Janet Mills has something called “political capital” right now: a honeymoon period with leeway to push legislation through before she potentially burns bridges.

But she’s supporting the NECEC deal. Mainers do not want this Massachusetts-Quebec project running through our backyard. Already rejected by New Hampshire, now they’re pushing it down our throats up here in the williwags.

Why not use this opportunity for a great original power policy — by Mainers, for Mainers? Now is exactly the time she could push through big solar and wind projects. With the University of Maine right here, why not get our offshore tidal and wind projects started right now?

It may take some time, but Maine would be the boss of all New England, and very possibly the leader for the whole country. Maine’s vast natural clean energy resources and can-do attitude can again show the country how we get things done (see marriage equality, ranked-choice voting, etc.). The university is ready to roll with offshore wind and unimaginably powerful tides. What are we waiting for? Please, Mills, just go for it.

John Picone