Auburn police block off an area of the city where they say they're dealing with an armed standoff and potential hostage situation Tuesday. Credit: CBS 13

Police say a man is dead after six-hour-long standoff in Auburn.

Police said that they shot and killed a man they identified as Steven Case, 29.

The Maine State Police said Case barricaded himself in the basement of a home on Main Street with stolen firearms. When officers encountered Case, they say he threatened to shoot the officers.

Auburn Press Conference

WATCH LIVE: Maine State Police are holding a press conference following a standoff in Auburn.

Posted by WGME CBS 13 News, Portland on Tuesday, 21 May 2019

The Sun Journal reported previously that one woman was escorted from the building in handcuffs just before 3 p.m. and taken to an armored vehicle.

Police say the incident started at 9:15 Tuesday morning at a home on Main Street.

Police say they were called there for an unrelated matter, when they came in contact with a man carrying a number of guns, who then ran down and barricaded himself in a basement with a woman who was believed to be his girlfriend.

They say he had a number of handguns, rifles and ammunition stockpiled with him.

“It was coincidental, our contact with him,” Auburn Police Chief Tim Cougle said. “We were not there for him, we were there for something completely different. He has a significant criminal history and is known to us.”

During this hours-long standoff and what police called a possible hostage situation, dozens of people, including small children, were evacuated from their homes.

Officers say it was all as a precaution, due to the intensity of the situation, wanting to keep both their officers and the public safe, but those who live next to where this happened say it was frightening.

“It’s so scary,” Ashley Lavoie said. “I had to go get him from school because his bus can’t even get over here, and I have to go get my other child from school because his bus can’t get over here either.”

While parts of the road remain closed, police say it is safe for residents who were evacuated to return home.