Credit: Courtesy of Amjambo Africa

A newspaper’s job is to chronicle events in the communities it serves, provide context for those events and shine a spotlight on issues that would otherwise be hidden.

But a good newspaper also holds a mirror to its readers. It points out their connections and celebrates a common experience.

We are happy to announce a partnership with Amjambo Africa, a publication run by the Ladder to the Moon Network, a Portland-based organization. Amjambo Africa is focused on connecting immigrants with the Maine communities they join, highlighting the achievements of new Mainers and creating connections between new and long-time Mainers.

Kit Harrison, Amjambo Africa’s managing editor, hopes “that Amjambo Africa will connect us all by bridging gaps between communities and allowing all voices in the state to be heard.” Its work can be found at It also publishes a monthly print edition.

Beginning this week, you’ll occasionally see links to on some BDN articles. We may also occasionally syndicate Amjambo Africa stories and commentary on

Amjambo Africa is supported by advertising, corporate sponsorships and grants to the Ladder to the Moon Network by the Rines Thompson Fund of the Maine Community Foundation, Broad Reach Fund of the Maine Community Foundation, Maine Initiatives, the People of Color Fund of the Maine Community Foundation and other donors.