Credit: WGME

ABBOT  — The father of Stephanie Ginn-Gebo, who was killed by her estranged boyfriend four years ago, is asking Maine lawmakers for an ankle bracelet monitoring program for those arrested for domestic violence.

Vance Ginn and his wife, Angel, say they were frustrated to hear around $32,000 set up to create that type of program was used for other programs under former Governor Paul LePage’s administration.

“Less than a third was used for the ankle bracelet program. On August 24, I’m having a large fundraiser in Greenville on the wharf and I will donate all proceeds to Piscataquis County to start the ankle bracelet program,” Vance said.

“I think it’s sad that people have to fundraise to do this. I think it should be a state-run program because it works,” Angel said.

The Ginns say they’ve raised $4,000 for the program so far.