A squirrel stays alert in Portland's Deering Oaks Park recently. Credit: Troy R. Bennett

It’s not unusual for on-duty police officers to have strange encounters with animals, from runaway horses, to ornery goats, to mad cows, to distressed ducks, to more exotic wildlife.

But in this particular story instead of the cops going to the wildlife, the wildlife came to them.

Two police officers had a run in with a wayward squirrel that found its way into a New Hampshire police station’s garage, the Stratham Police Department said.

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A video of the encounter posted to the New Hampshire police department’s Facebook page shows the rodent jumping the two officers, Sgt. John Emerson and Officer Michael Doucette, as it emerged from a hiding place in the garage’s storage area. The two officers then got a lesson in herding small mammals as they tried to flush the squirrel out through a garage door.

The squirrel was not injured in the encounter, and “the boys were okay too,” the department said in the Facebook post.