Whales and seabirds were not the highlight of this whale watching trip. Rather, when this boat was headed back to shore in Passamaquoddy Bay, it came upon a shark feeding on a seal.

And its passengers caught the shark’s meal on video.

The Quoddy Link Marine tour boat was returning to Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, on Saturday, the CBC reports.

The boat stopped by a stretch of rocks that is popular among seals and that’s when they saw the shark munching on its dinner — a rather unlucky seal.

“I was looking through my camera, so I saw the splash, and I actually thought that the bigger seal had jumped into the water, until I saw it wasn’t that at all,” Carol Browne, who was filming seals when she caught it all on video, told the CBC.

Having asked about sharks earlier on the tour, Browne said she was amazed to see one so close.

Sightings of shark feeding time is not common in Passamaquoddy Bay, but it’s definitely not unheard of. This is the second sighting of a shark in that area this year, according to the CBC.

Because of its size, it is believed to be a great white shark, but the species has not been confirmed, according to the CBC.

A great white shark was spotted in Maine near a popular Kennebunkport beach at the beginning of the month. There are two to three great white sightings off the Maine coast each summer, according to the National Oceanographic Data Center.