A teen fell into the Kennebec River in Waterville while testing the ice on Friday. Credit: CBS 13 | WGME

Two teens were walking along the Kennebec River bank, near Carey Lane, in Waterville on Friday when one of the teens walked out onto the river to test the ice and fell in, according to police.

By the time police and rescue teams arrived, the teenager was able to get out of the river on his own and was not injured. Waterville police are emphasizing the importance of safety at this time of the year.

“Don’t test the ice,” Waterville police Sgt. David Caron said. “It’s too early in the season, the ice isn’t thick enough to support anybody’s weight out there.”

That’s in part because of the recent warm weather, which has not allowed a thick layer of ice to form on most bodies of water in the state.