If it wasn't for the quick action of Dick and Linda Belanger, their family dog Oakley could have been bitten by a fox that's suspected to be rabid. Credit: CBS 13 | WGME

For the second time this month, a fox attacked a man in midcoast Maine.

This time, the 71-year-old victim who lives on Campbell Pond Road in West Bath was attacked while protecting his daughter’s dog.

If it weren’t for the quick actions of Dick and Linda Belanger, their family dog, Oakley, could have been bitten by a fox that’s suspected to be rabid.

Oakley was outside on a leash Wednesday morning. Linda Belanger went to go check on him and saw him running away from a fox. Belanger called for her husband, Dick, who stepped outside in his bare feet and grabbed both the fox and their dog.

“I got the dog out of the way, and then the fox bit me on the foot, and when he went to bite me, I grabbed him by the neck, put my knee on him and held him for about 10 minutes,” Dick Belanger said.

Before deciding to pin the fox until help arrived, Belanger called out to his wife to toss him a knife, but the knife was too dull. So he just held it on the ground.

Police then showed up and shot the fox twice, killing it.

Because the fox bit Belanger on the foot, he was rushed to the hospital and was given more than a dozen rabies shots. Oakley the dog was not bit and escaped injury. The fox was taken to be tested for rabies.