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Netflix’s first reality dating competition, “Love is Blind,” was an instant hit among viewers, with the streaming network making a rare announcement that it is presently its most-viewed show. And one of its breakout stars from the first episode is a Maine native.

Cameron Hamilton, 28, paired off with Lauren Speed, 32, from Atlanta, Georgia, on the first episode, and the couple has quickly become a fan favorite pairing on the show, thanks to their immediate and seemingly genuine connection.

Hamilton is a 2008 graduate of Lee Academy, and he is a 2012 graduate of Bates College in Lewiston, where he majored in psychology. As he says on the show, he was also a firefighter for the Maine Forest Service, fighting wildfires in Maine, as well as in Georgia, Florida, Oregon and in Canada. Hamilton later attended Georgia State University and the University of Georgia, where he earned a Master of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence. He presently works as a data scientist in Atlanta.

Hamilton’s family still lives in Maine. His father, Bill Hamilton, is director of forest protection for the Maine Forest Service, and his sister, Alaina, teaches science at Lee Academy.

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The premise of “Love is Blind” — 30 men and women get to know each other without seeing each other physically, with some pairing off and getting engaged — is just novel enough to put an exciting new twist on reality dating shows. Contestants have to propose to one another without having seen each other, and then spend a few weeks getting to know each other, moving into together and meeting each other’s families before getting married.

The first five episodes of the series were released on Feb. 13, and another four episodes were released on Feb. 20. The season finale, featuring weddings from some of the engaged couples, is set to air Thursday.

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