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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft thinks the NFL season will start on schedule.

“We’re preparing to hopefully play football this fall,” Kraft said on Tuesday appearance on Fox News’ show “Hannity.”

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According to Kraft, whose team will be starting its first season since 2000 without future Hall of Famer Tom Brady in the lineup, kicking off the season this fall is still in reach. The Patriots regular season home opener would be a Sept. 13 date with the Miami Dolphins.

“We’re working hand in hand with our union,” Kraft said. “We believe we’re developing protocols that will allow us in a safe way, looking out first for our players and our personnel and then, of course, the fans.”

Host Sean Hannity, an unapologetic cheerleader for President Trump’s game plan, said during a broadcast last month that he looks forward to attending sporting events again even if it means wearing a face mask and sipping beer through a straw.

The 58-year-old pundit joked that fans could open their masks to eat a hot dog at a sporting event, but not peanuts or popcorn because that would give coronavirus too much time to infect them.

Hannity has been soundly criticized over his characterization of media coverage of the pandemic as a “hoax” to make the president look bad. He stands by his reporting.

Numerous scandals involving the Patriots have made Kraft a villain among New Yorkers, though he saved face in early April by sending his personal jet to China to pick up more than a million life-saving masks, then delivered 300,000 of those to New York City rescue workers at the height of the pandemic. Jets fans will have a chance to thank Kraft when the Pats come to town Nov. 9 if all goes according to plan.

They’ll be coming without Brady, the face of the franchise for 20 seasons, who signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the 2020 offseason.