Head Pro Zach Zondlo tells players at Carrabassett Valley’s Sugarloaf Golf Course to approach the second shot at the 14th hole very carefully.

The fairway there faces a dogleg left and has a downward slope that runs into a 60-foot water hazard, the Carrabassett River. So Zondlo advises golfers to play the ball a bit off their back foot, to make sure that they get under the ball, and if they’re heavy hitters, to use their 9 irons or maybe a pitching wedge.

And to watch out for the moose.

Golfer Cam Sewall of Kingfield and some friends saw the moose when they were just approaching their second shots on the 14th Sunday morning. Sewall, who had briefly spotted the moose a few minutes earlier, got some video of their very surprising guest as he or she loped on by.

Funny thing was, Sewall and his pals were just talking about how they had yet to see one of the oddly-shaped creatures.

“We were pretty blown away,” the 29-year-old Sewall said Wednesday. “We had been talking about trying to see a moose up there forever. This group of guys, we have probably gone up there the last 5 years together and we finally got to see one, up close and personal.”

“They were pretty shocked. They were from down south and it was quite the surprise for them when the moose popped out,” Zondlo said. “Those that come up here regularly are used to it, but you can definitely lose your concentration for the moment when you see one.”

Judging by its size, Zondlo said the moose was likely a calf, maybe three weeks old, and had likely been in the woods just off the course. Moose are among the wild animals who frequent the woods for food and its proximity to the river, he said.

“Maybe we will see one or two on the course every year,” he said.

Golfers spotted a black bear between the fourth and fifth holes the day before, Zondlo said.