Somerset County sheriff’s deputies and Pittsfield police raided a room at the Pittsfield Motor Inn, arrested four Pittsfield residents and allegedly found 15 grams of heroin and a small amount of fentanyl that together had a total street value of $3,000, they said Thursday.

Digital scales, $810 in cash, drug-related paraphernalia and drug-related documentation were also seized. The raid occurred in room 32 at 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, according to a statement released Thursday by the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office.

Shanna M. Vicnaire, 27, Joshua Cookson, 31, and Lori Norrie, 47, all of Pittsfield, were each charged with Class A aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs and Class C unlawful possession of scheduled drugs.

Shawn Vicnaire, 51, of Pittsfield was issued a summons for Class B unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs.

The four are scheduled to appear in the Somerset County Unified Criminal Court on Sept. 16, police said.