World Emoji Day, celebrated July 17, honors the emoji – a small digital picture that represents an idea, concept or emotion in on-screen communications, such as texts and Facebook messages. The emoji is a great way to add expression, indicate the tone of a message and add some personality to what we say. More than 110 new emojis will be added this year including: bubble tea, bottle-feeding parents, gender-neutral characters, new animals and the transgender flag.

“Emojis are fun and playful and can showcase today’s modern lifestyles, but they can also help convey the feelings behind words in a text to avoid confusion, misunderstandings, or hurt feelings. Matt Kasper, director of sales for for U.S. Cellular in the New England. “We can help you add the latest emoji keyboards to your smartphone, or get you started using these fun, interactive characters when you visit our store here in Bangor.”

There were 3,304 emojis in the Unicode Standard as of March 2020. The most popular emojis include tears of joy, red heart, heart eyes, fire and thumbs up. More than 500 billion emojis are sent each day and more than 90% of all Internet users use emojis in their messages1.

U.S. Cellular offers the following tips for emoji use:

• Use emojis to convey feelings. They are an easy, effective way to show when you’re joking, emphasize positive messages, or soften a harsh message. Emojis can also showcase your personality, likes and dislikes.

• In the mood for love? Emoji it. A recent study2 showed that using emojis with potential romantic partners may lead to more face-to-face opportunities to assess compatibility, and that people who use emojis prior to their first date are more likely to be in an intimate relationship over a longer period.

• Know which emojis to use – and which to avoid. Mobile dating site Clover found that women respond more to emojis such as a smiley face, heart eyes and smirking eyes, and not to flexed biceps, or the fist bump. Men often respond to crazy face, two hearts and the smirking face emoji and not to the engagement ring or crying face.

• Be appropriate. Be aware of certain emojis’ “double entendre” – as there are several emojis that have come to symbolize other things that you wouldn’t want to send to your boss, teacher, or clients. Also, don’t send an angry face emoji when your boss asks you to work late – it could be seen as unprofessional.

• Don’t overdo it. A few emojis are fun, but more than three or four in one message may be considered overkill.

Feel like you’ve got emojis down? Take the next step by playing with apps like Memojis 3-D AR or BitMojis to create a personal avatar or animation of you or even Animoijis that enable images of animal, celebrity or even a hint of magic for your background.

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