FARMINGTON — The University of Maine at Farmington is excited to recently be named as a 2020 Money’s Best College for Your Money.

The personal finance publication’s rankings recognized Farmington as the second of only three public higher education institutions in Maine that successfully combine quality of education, affordability and post-graduate outcomes.

A total of 10 indicators were used to capture the value of post-graduate outcomes, including early career earnings, experienced career earnings and the ability of students to succeed in professional careers.

“This national recognition really speaks to the value Farmington places on access to a quality education and the individualized attention to help our students be successful,” said Edward Serna, UMF president. “A well-rounded education is immensely important today, as the economy evolves and careers change. Farmington provides students with not only career preparation for today but also the critical thinking skills that will help them be successful in the future.”

The annual Money rankings offers a practical analysis of over 700 four-year colleges throughout the U.S., with UMF placing in the top half. The rankings methodology includes colleges based on enrollment size, graduation rate and available data, among others.

This year’s Money rankings places special emphasis on affordability, which now accounts for 40 percent of the rankings, and includes two new net price figures to capture affordability for students from both low- and middle-income backgrounds.

Nearly all full-time undergraduate degree-seeking Farmington students receive some form of financial assistance, including grants, merit scholarships, federal and state financial aid, student employment, loans and more.

UMF also offers a special transfer scholarship of $1,000 per year for all qualifying Maine and non-Maine resident transfer students. In addition, if a student wishing to transfer to UMF graduated from a Franklin County high school in 2019 or was home-schooled in Franklin County, in 2019, and is admitted, they can receive free on-campus housing their first year at Farmington.