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Pelosi’s trip to the salon

Reports of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s hair salon appointment, and her claiming that she was set up, only strengthens the truth that if you can make the laws you don’t have to follow them. She seems to be trying to blame everybody else for the fact that she feels that she is above the law and has to pay no attention to the fact that she disregarded everything that she blames President Donald Trump for doing.

Her rampage about the president not wearing masks and not following COVID-19 protocol apparently does not pertain to her. One would think that with all her money, she would have been able to have a hairdresser come to her California home and all of this news could have been avoided. But then, I suppose that Pelosi wouldn’t want someone from outside her home possibly bringing in the virus.

It will probably get turned around that this was all Trump’s fault that she needed her hair done.

Jeffrey Weatherbee

Dover Foxcroft

Humans should take responsibility

In response to the Sanford pastor: God or government is not in any more control over coronavirus than say the fish in the sea. People need to get off their high horses and take responsibility for their words and actions. Whether anyone believes in this pandemic or not, they should pay some heed and do what a higher power would do if a higher power could possibly do.

There is too much hype over god this, god that, government this, government that. Too many people out there put the responsibility on god. Where? How? This would seem to me to be such a case of scapegoating — shifting the blame on to a deity. Humans should take responsibility for their own degrading actions.

River Helekai

Old Town

Masks at Bath Iron Works

I am an employee at Bath Iron Works shipyard who has been reporting for work during the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic and labor union strike. I would like to extend appreciation to executive management for increasing sanitization efforts during this period and providing meals in efforts to keep workers safe and support local businesses. These efforts were both costly and required huge logistics arrangement by many diligent staff. I have been and will continue to wear a mask, disinfect my work area, as well as conference room surfaces and equipment. During the strike, my colleagues and I have also pitched in to clean bathrooms, sweep floors and take out the trash. At last the strike is over.

However, the pandemic is not over. As touted, BIW employs people from every county in Maine. The current agreement with returning union workers is that they have until Oct. 5 to fully phase in the wearing of face coverings. This means we now face six weeks of potential increased COVID spread, compromising a relatively safe working environment.

In my opinion, this represents a lack of decency and respect between people who work side-by-side, and flies in the face of the challenges and hurdles we’ve recently overcome.

Carrie Callahan


Shocked by COVID OpEd

Call me crazy, but can I be the only reader shocked at the BDN’s publication of Jacob Posik’s despicable remark that “for some reason, we remain singularly focused on COVID-19, which only presents a serious health threat to a sliver of the population” A “sliver” indeed! Really?

At a number rapidly approaching 200,000 dead from the virus, I submit that this casual dismissal of, not 200, but a thousand American citizens laid out 200 times over — at a conservative underestimate — is nothing less than obscene, and I deplore the BDN’s judgment in ushering it into print so cavalierly.

Michael A. Roberts