BANGOR — To keep spirits bright through the long winter season, Downtown Bangor will be glowing from more than 20,000 winter lights along parkways and streets, including the addition of permanent bistro lights in Hannibal Hamlin Parkway, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications.

For the last four years​​during the holiday season, trees along Hannibal ​​Hamlin Park in Downtown Bangor glowed with​​strands of bright white lights. The first three years showcased lights wrapped, with​​careful​​​detail,​​around​​tree​​trunks​​and ​​branches.​​Last year the Downtown Bangor Partnership transitioned to a bistro lighting scheme that can remain up year-round and it has proven to be incredibly popular and one of the most photographed spots in Bangor. The park ​continues ​​to ​be ​​not​​only ​​a​​ fantastical​ corridor​​​linking​ parts of downtown, but also​a shining example of the Downtown Bangor​​Partnership’s​​commitment​ to creating a visually captivating​ experience​​in​​Downtown​​Bangor.

The seasonal lighting instillation in Hannibal Hamlin Park spurred citizens and businesses alike to request permanent, year-round lighting in the parkway. In response, the Downtown Bangor Partnership, through the generous support of Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications, has expand its efforts in the 2020-21 winter season to include new the addition of the permanent lighting in Hannibal Hamlin Parkway along with an upgrade of lighting on 100 light poles throughout Downtown Bangor. The lamppost lights will remain illuminated throughout the winter and the bistro lights can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Volunteers from the Downtown Bangor Partnership have been out in full force wrapping lampposts during the first week in November and Beautification volunteers will be gathering in Hannibal Hamlin Park and throughout Downtown Bangor to add more lights on Saturday, Nov. 7.

Downtown Coordinator Betsy Lundy says, “Lighting the parkway and decorating streetlamps during the holiday season provides a both a beautiful focal point during the holiday season and transforms the darkened parkways into lighted gateways for all to enjoy throughout the year.”

Join the Downtown Partnership this year in welcoming this transformative light display to Downtown Bangor.

The Downtown Bangor Partnership promotes and markets activities that enhance the distinctive identity of Downtown Bangor, encouraging retention and growth of commercial, residential, and cultural life within the downtown district. For more information on the Downtown Bangor Partnership visit the following link: