A big black bear eyeballs a trail camera in this image captured in Hamilton Township, Pennsylvania. Credit: Courtesy of Catherine of Hamilton Township

Every once in a while, I’ll open up a contributed trail cam photo and find the image staring me in the face a bit intimidating. Today’s reader-submitted pic had just that effect. In fact, I may have quickly leaned back in my chair when I saw the big black bear staring back at me.

The good news: I don’t have to worry about running into this bear in the Maine woods (though there are surely bigger bears out there). The photo came from Catherine in Hamilton Township, Pennsylvania.

“We’ve seen him several times as he roamed our neighborhood this summer/fall, but he’s camera shy and we only caught him on camera once,” Catherine said. “He seemed to like to walk the deer trails in the woods near our home.”

For those, like me, who aren’t so good with their Pennsylvania geography, I did a quick Google search to find out where it’s located. Hamilton Township isn’t far from Stroudsburg. It’s even closer to — get this — the town of Bangor, Pennsylvania.

Catherine said she sent the photo in as part of the BDN’s ongoing trail cam series after her husband found us on his daily news feed, where he regularly reads hunting, outdoors and nature stories.

Thanks for the submission, and keep ’em coming!

Do you have a trail camera photo or video to share? Send it to jholyoke@bangordailynews.com and tell us “I consent to the BDN using my photo.” In order to prevent neighbors from stopping by to try to tag particularly large bucks, moose or bears, some identities and towns of origin may be omitted.

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