By John Li

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For decades, Americans have eaten fast food. Chain restaurants have dominated the restaurant culture, gaining more money by the day while sacrificing the health and taste buds of loyal Americans. However, that era is no more. Thanks to Thoroughfare, run by — I quote — a “seventh-generation Mainer, a washed up rock-and-roll frontman, a father and husband, owner/chef of The Garrison and Dandelion catering, and Food Network ‘Chopped’ champion.” This list is from Christian Hayes’ website.

However, even though I only tried three dishes, I can say with confidence that this restaurant is one of, if not the best fast food restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. The burger was delicious. The sauce complimented the burger well. The pickles weren’t overwhelming, unlike most pickles, and the patties were grilled to perfection. I’d like to taste more of the burger (also I would like a well toasted bun), but otherwise, excellent.

Unlike the burger, this next item is sweet: the blueberry hand pie. The pie was exquisite. The blueberries were fresh and packed a lot of flavor. The pie itself was cooked to a beautiful golden brown, and was encrusted with crystallized sugar.

And last, but not least the fries. They were lightly salted, with very flavorful black pepper, these fries are the best I’ve ever had. The only word to describe them is transcendent.

Overall this restaurant is amazing and is run locally in Yarmouth, plus, it’s run by a former rockstar. I would recommend this to anyone.