Paisley Haskell, age 10, with her "teddy bear hamster" Skittles. Paisley was one of 9 students to participate the Telling Room's "Year in Review" writing program in 2020. Credit: Courtesy of the Telling Room

By Paisley Haskell

Editor’s note: The Bangor Daily News has partnered with the Telling Room to showcase budding young journalists as they turn a critical eye toward the world in which we live. Read more about the project, and the rest of the students’ pieces, here.

If you are looking for an exciting, amusing dance group to keep you entertained, I fully recommend the YouTube Channel Let It Happen. It is an amazing dance group that consists of three talented sisters; Norah and Yarah, the two eldest, and Rosa, the youngest. The three are from the Netherlands, and specialize in funk, hip hop and breakdancing moves. You might have already seen them on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2018.

I felt very uplifted as I watched their energetic, fast and upbeat dance video, titled “Hit The Road Jack,” using the Ray Charles version of the song. The dancing took place in daylight, on a cobblestone street. The girls were all dressed in casual outfits and regular shoes, but their dancing was anything but ordinary. With gorgeous neon red flowers against tall white and tan buildings in the background, it looks like they are in an actual neighborhood in the West Coast. Their performance is so outstanding because of their awesome footwork. Their facial expressions look as though their hearts were very into the song. I was mesmerized and eager to learn more. Were they born with this talent? Did they take lessons? How long did it take to perfect their moves? Norah, Yarah and Rosa are all completely in sync. It is just so phenomenal to watch!

Their swift routine made me feel inspired to love dance even more than I do now. It is so neat to know that three girls can be as talented as they are and it makes me want to find out more about dance culture. Overall, I give them five out of five stars.