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Capitol questions

After yesterday’s events. I have some questions. Who was supposed to be in charge of security in the U.S. Capitol Building?

Were they instructed to not raise a hand and allow the free flow of a mob to enter the chambers of Congress to loot and see what kind of souvenirs they could pocket?

Apparently there were no security checks or ID checks as to who was entering. No searches of backpacks entering or leaving. Do we know who these people were? Were they even citizens of this country? Did they bring explosive devices in with them? Did they bring biological warfare products with them? Does anyone think that foreign adversaries of this country were not observing this action?

I was critical of that new Congresswoman who said she plans to carry a sidearm into the Capitol Building. I thought it was ridiculous as their workplace is supposed to be one of the most secure in the country. Obviously I was mistaken.

Thomas Bonner


Standing up to hate

The recent BDN story about the Bangor furniture store owner, who reportedly attempted to commission crafters to provide her with hoodies embroidered with the “Proud Boys” emblem, is horrifying. At a time when we should be condemning the toxicity of racism, here is a business owner who seems to be condoning it (and not discreetly).

Disturbing on so many levels, I believe this scenario is but a symptom of the dysfunction of our times, and should serve as a call to action to denounce hateful rhetoric and behavior. The time is now to reset the trajectory; hate and racism need to assume their rightful place in the bowels of society where they belong and where they have no voice. No one person can accomplish that, however; we all need to be lights in the darkness that has seemed to hijack our country.

The job gets done with small measures, such as strongly opposing hate as soon as it appears, defending those who are targets of hate, or finding other places to do business that align with more positive principles. It gets done publicly and loudly. It gets done by standing together as a community to support one another and build each other up. And it gets done by saying a resounding “No” to hate groups, bigoted individuals, and businesses that condone hate. The time is now.

Donna Cotton


25th Amendment must be invoked

This cannot stand! The leadership of our great American democracy needs to demonstrate — both to the citizens of our country and to the world at large — that the Constitution is more than just pretty words printed on paper.

The 25th Amendment must be applied immediately, followed by impeachment — the latter regardless of whether January 20th has passed or not.

Curtis and Kristina Meadow


Our once proud party

The New York Daily News’s “Other Voices” column in the Jan. 5 BDN was the most succinct

compare and contrast take on Trump’s control over the Republican Party I have recently read and points out the failure of Republicans to stand up to and reject “Trumpism.” Trump’s cult of personality totally “trumps” the traditional values and platform of our once proud party, the party I have been a member of for 60 years.

Not anymore! I have joined other thinking Republicans like the Lincoln Project and my hero, George Will, to repudiate “Trumpism” and vote for reason and integrity.

Peter Duston