A group of wild hogs gather at a feeder on this trail camera photo. Credit: Courtesy of Troy Williams

On Monday we shared trail camera photos that were probably a bit of a novelty for our Maine readers: Wild hogs gathered underneath a feeder of some sort out in Texas.

We don’t have wild hogs here in Maine, thankfully, but I heard back from a few readers who helped fill my knowledge gap.

Today, I’m offering up a second helping of hogs, courtesy of Troy Williams of Burleson, Texas.

“Don’t forget to mention how good eating these hogs are. They make the best burgers you have ever eaten,” Williams said.

Point taken. Maybe a Texas hog hunter will set me up with a mail-order burger or two? Hint, hint.

Henry Kenneson of Brownsville, Texas, was among those who emailed. He’s a hog hunter, and passed along some background information on the species.Being a curious outdoorsman, I was happy to learn a little more about what we’ve been seeing in these trail cam photos.

A group of wild hogs gather at a feeder in this trail camera photo. Credit: Courtesy of Troy Williams

“We have plenty [of wild hogs] on our deer lease in South Texas. We always thin the herd by a few and eat the meat,” Kenneson said. “Feral hog meat is just domesticated hog meat gone wild. Just cook at proper temperatures as regular. I always have takers when I bring home [a] cleaned animal. Wish [those friends] were available to help with the cleaning process and not just the finished product!”

Kenneson said the feeder shown in our first wild hog photos, as well as the ones Williams provided, is quite common.

“In Texas you are allowed to use corn as an attractant for wildlife. Feeders with timed release are a mainstay and the animals get accustomed to it,” Kenneson said. “During deer season most hunters have a deer feeder within rifle range awaiting an unsuspecting deer.”

The terrain in Texas makes the tactics Mainers use for deer hunting impractical, he said.

“Stalking is almost an impossible thing to do in the area as most of the land is open brush. What brush habitat that exists is very thick, thorny and very unmanageable/navigable,” he said. “On occasion, a sounder of feral hogs or loners will come to a feeder during hunting hours. This is an added bonus to the anticipated harvesting of venison. Night hunting of feral hogs during deer season is tricky as the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department might misinterpret this as an illegal deer hunt.

“Most deer leases will only allow hunting during the November-January deer season, as cattle are allowed onto the acreage the other nine months,” he said. “Just a quick explanation of South Texas deer hunting and accidental feral hog harvesting.”

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